5-axis CAD/CAM system for milling out STL-files in stone


CARSO 5X has been designed for the non frequent user. It’s simple, intuitive and quick to learn. We know they all say so, but take a look at the videos to convince yourself.

CARSO 5X has few and understandable options and methods for fast preparation of rough and fine cutting. It has been designed for one-of-a-kind production. Our main priority has been to make a simple and straight forward system, which does not tie you up in front of the computer.



Selected features


  • Add milling support for fragile parts like arms and legs on a statue so they don’t break during milling
  • Combine CAD geometry and scans to complete the project. Model a pedestal in your CAD system and mount the scanned bust on it inside CARSO 5X
  • Fast tool path calculating benefitting from the newest multi-core PC’s and Windows operating system
  • Fast import/export in popular triangle formats *.STL,*.OBJ and *.PLY
  • Scale the artwork up or down in seconds while maintaining true proportions
  • Wire cutting, Saw-blade and Core-drill for efficient and fast rough cutting
  • Virtual Milling – for every step you can simulate what the piece will look like
  • Rest Milling – eliminate “milling in air”
  • Tool stock manager
  • Password protected Machine manager
  • Import of user defined 5-axis head for simulation and collision check
  • Requires no TCP option in the Controller
  • Post process the project to another type of 5-axis CNC machine in seconds
  • Runs in the newest Windows operation system as a 64-bit application. CARSO 5X can handle huge files fast.


Introduction to CARSO 5X


Part 1


Part 2

Working in stone

Working in stone is a slow process compared to other materials. You don’t cut in stone – you grind and do it often with special and expensive diamond tools. Speed of machining is up to 10 times slower than in e.g. wood. A property of stone is that it’s a brittle material that easy breaks.

In 1993 Scantech introduced, as the first in the world, Saw-blade and Core-drill in 3D Carvings on CNC machinery. Saw-blade and Core-drill  are important tools in stone, because they can remove material at a low cost and do it very fast.

The brittle property of stone are exploited together with the Saw-blade and Core-Drill in CARSO 5X to remove big volume of material fast. You can “Rib Saw” and after break the ribs with a hammer:

Rib Sawing and breaking of ribs with a hammer

Not all stone CNC machines has the Saw-blade possibility and some time the big radius of the Saw-blade can’t get access to the details. Core-drilling is also one of CARSO 5X strong features. After drilling you break of the cores with a hammer.


Core drilling and breaking off cores with a hammer

Virtual Milling

“Virtual Milling” is our name for simulating the material removal during the carving process. Pictures on this page are from the CARSO 5X Virtual Milling. All tools can be simulated and from all angles. Virtual milling is great for educational purpose and for finding out how to approach a job most efficiently. Virtual milling is also a good tool for estimating how long time it will take to produce the piece.  But the most important purpose of Virtual Milling, in my opinion, is Rest milling!

Rest Milling

“Rest Milling” is our name for how to mill out without “milling in air”. Because stone carving is slow, the tool must be in contact with the material all the time to be time efficient. So Virtual Milling is not just pretty pictures, but also helps us to understand what has been removed already. Based on the previous Virtual Milling we can calculate how much material is left in every spot for the next tool so we avoid “milling in air”.  Thats also why we simulate the manual breaking of ribs and cores after the Saw-blade and Core-drill.



Trimming of raw material

Even the Saw-blade and Core-drill are efficient tools for rough out it’s a good idea to pre-shape the raw material. CARSO 5X can help you – we call it Trimming operations.


Trimming using a CNC based wire-saw. Export contour curves from CARSO 5X to drive the machine.


Trimming using a bridge-saw machine. Import the CAD drawing in CARSO 5X for Rest Milling.





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