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20/01/2012 Posted by JVA

How to make a Corvette guitar

Have you ever wanted to play fast and furious on your guitar?

…or at least had the longing of possessing your very own Corvette. Gibson guitars takes the making of guitar into a whole new level! Scantech offers the possibility of making almost any custom design. Look what the engineers at Gibson came up with – just awesome!

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Corvette, the Gibson Custom Shop has again brought a Corvette guitar to the marked in the form of the 50th Anniversary Corvette Guitar. In true collector fashion, this guitar will be limited to a production run of 50 pieces.

Work on this project began in late 2002 after early photos of the Anniversary model Corvette had been released. As with most custom designs, the first step was to do a concept drawing. The first drawing was in early November and is actually pretty close to the final piece.

The biggest hurdle to the design was figuring out how to carve the vent into a block of mahogany. The body of the Corvette is molded and you simply can’t do that in wood. After a few tries, the Custom Shop’s engineering department came up with a way to build the guitar that not only stays true to the original design, but also flows smoothly through the production process.

With only 50 Anniversary models being produced, this guitar is sure to be much sought after among Corvette and guitar enthusiasts alike.

Scan of the hand carved model

Today Gibson has two Scantech 3D laser scanners!

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