How to make a Bust

22/02/2012 Posted by Claus

How to make a Bust – a sculpture depicting a person’s head and shoulders


Making a Bust of a person is fast with the handheld 3D Scanner.

It’s easy to edit and make the scan millable with Scantech’s CARSO range of software. Clean up the scan. Combine scans and CAD geometry.

Mill out directly on a 5-axis CNC or a turning lathe from CARSO Lathe. Saw-blade and Core-drill for efficient and fast rough cutting. It’s possible to finish a Bust in one day.

Hand finishing is required to get the perfect result

Alternatively here in Alu Bronze Рonly 50 mm high like a Chess piece. The scan was first 3D Printed in polystyrene, a plaster mould was casted around it and the core was melted away and replaced with Alu Bronze alloy. The fine horizontal lines are from the 3D Printing process.

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