Portable SL 3D Scanner


Fast and portable Structured White Light 3D Scanner



Forget about dismantling, transporting or even discussing how fragile a piece of art is. The Scantech SL 3D Scanner simply allows 3D Scanning on the spot! Together with CARSO it’s a complete package for copying in stone on a CNC-machine. The SL 3D Scanner is a high precision, light weight and portable 3D Scanner with complete CNC-machine and CAD/CAM adaptability.


The professional solution


The Scantech SL 3D Scanner is a portable 3D Scanner designed for scan of Statues and Monuments. It’s made for scan of objects that can’t be moved or rotated. The system mounts on a Scantech Jib that enables you to

  • Move the Scanner around the Statue
  • Scan in any direction (motorized Pan/Tilt)
  • Lift the 3D Scanner up and down

The Scantech SL 3D Scanner is based on a Structured White Light principle and captures a window of up to 900 x 720 mm in size with up to 1 million points per scan. Every capture is less than 8 seconds and produces a high density scan of the surface.

As all other Scantech solutions, the Scantech SL 3D Scanner is a simple, yet powerful and intuitive to use and is controlled via few and understandable values Precise alignment of scans in an intuitive, simple and fast way. Automatic fusion of scans into one 360 degree model. The final result is a watertight and smooth triangle mesh, with fewest possible triangles, that exports to the popular formats *.STL, *.OBJ or *.PLY

3D Scans can be huge and not easy to manage for a CAD/CAM system. The Scantech SL 3D Scanner system solve this problem by reducing the number of triangles in an intelligent way which is an automatic process controlled by one value: Max error from scan




  1. Scan the object from all sides
  2. Align scans to each other
  3. Fuse scans together
  4. Reduce number of triangles
  5. Export data



In less than one day you have learned how to scan, align and fuse your first model!



Technical specifications


Principle of operation Structured White Light 3D Scanner
Light source DLP projector 230 W lamp
Sensor weight 5 kg
Power 100-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 400 W
Operating temperature +10C to +35C
Storage temperature -10C to +40C
Camera 2 x 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024 pixels)
Ambient lighting conditions Less than 50 lux
Data output *.STL, *.OBJ, *.PLY



Calibration Pattern   [mm] Field of view  [mm] Point Spacing   [mm] Accuracy [mm]
60×60 900 x 675 0.7 ±0.35
35×35 560 x 420 0.4 ±0.2
20×20 300 x 225 0.23 ±0.1
17×17 255 x 190 0.20 ±0.07
10×10 150 x 112 0.12 ±0.05



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