Restoration in Freiburg

06/01/2012 Posted by JVA

A historical building was restored in Freiburg Germany using Scantech’s 3D scanner.

Freiburg Germany

On the street facing facade, this decoration in sandstone was mounted. The original sandstone carving was severely damaged in World War II and a concret casting, made from a rubber molding off the repuzzled original was used, when the house was rebuild in the 1950’s.Refurbishing the house in 1999, it was decided to replace the aged concret casting using the same sandstone as the original was made from.

Original, white washed with some small details restored with clay.
Size is 1.7 x 1.1 x 0.2 meter.

The scan displayed in CARSO CAD/CAM

The contour was extracted from the scan and a raw piece prepared. Machining process started with some deep drillings.

Premachined stage after applying a saw-blade for rough cutting.

The restored piece at the end of the CNC machining process

The difference between the CNC milling, to be seen on the left picture and the hand finished piece, to be seen on the right hand side, is very small.

Machining time on the CNC was less than two days. By hand it would take at least a full month!

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