Reval Stone

22/02/2012 Posted by Claus

Reval Stone is one of the oldest enterprises quarring and processing Estonian dolomite limestone in Estonia.

The Estonian dolomite has been used for centuries as a strong and long-lasting construction material. The good processing ability and resistance to weather has prompted the use of dolomite also for several architectural details and elements. Nowadays, dolomite has been used for finishing of many high-class buildings in Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius and Moscow.

Reval Stone has a comprehensive installation of machines for processing stone material herunder several CNC machines like the 5-axis G-Rex.

This plaster model is one out of five that fits together into one 14 meter long bas-relief for a prestigious residential project.

The models was scanned with the Scantech TwoCam 3D Scanner mounted on the CNC machine. The undercuts was captured using the 5-axis head of the machine in +/- 45 degree angles and fused together with the scan made in vertical position. CARSO 5X was applied to calculate the tool paths for the machine.

The rawblock was first rough cut with a Ø600 mm saw blade along X and along Y axis

The Operator then hammer off the ribs from the saw blade cut. A very fast and efficient way to remove material.

A 25 mm Bull Nose milling tool proceeded the sawing process

Fine milling was done with a pointy tool with tip radius of 3 mm and a step over of 0.8 mm

Fresh from the machine ready to be finished by hand


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