Town of Masters

19/01/2012 Posted by JVA

High quality fireplaces

Town of Masters

is located in Sct Petersborg and produces high quality fireplaces for exclusive customers. Here you see Darya and Michael from the company holding the first small sample made with the scanner and CNC machine.


To speed up production Town of Masters has now invested in a Scantech 3D Scanner and our CARSO Copying CAD/CAM system. The 3D Scanner is mounted on one of their CNC machines that normally produce kitchen tops in granite. Because it’s a 3-axis CNC machine it can also do 3D stone carvings.

During installation and training of the Scantech system below pictures was made.

The 3D Scanner is mounted on the CNC machine and here a plaster model of a new fireplace is scanned. Duration of scan is less than one hour and the finest details are all captured.

In CARSO CAD/CAM you can scale, mirror and do other kind of manipulations before you carve out a copy. An interesting feature of CARSO is that you only have to scan half the model and then you can mirror the other half. The carving is automatically calculated and send to the CNC machine. Below picture shows a close up on the rough cut in white marble.

Details are then added with a smaller carving tool – all done automatically by CARSO CAD/CAM and the CNC machine.

Here the finished piece ready to be worked over by hand. The proces from scan to fine carving is less than 1 days work automatically made on the CNC machine – thanks to Scantech’s 3D Scanner and CARSO CAD/CAM system.

Here the legs for the fireplace above – made by Town of Masters all alone after the Scantech engineer has left. The legs are shown before manual finishing, they are 100% machined on one of their 3-axis CNC machines.

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