At a time when lithium-ion batteries are becoming ubiquitous, whether in our smartphones, mobile objects connected laptops or in all our electric vehicles (cars, buses, but also bicycles and electric scooters …) the number of production center keeps increasing.
In view of the different types of batteries available on the market these are lithium-ion batteries, which, by their characteristics, seem to best match the demands of e-mobility.
The first work on these accumulators dates from 1970 by researchers who have discerned the exploitable potential of this solid and particularly light metal. In 1985, the first battery is made and allows to see the benefits of this new technology, without rapidly destructive memory effect.

It is largely thanks to the relationship between their weight, their energy density and the price that this accumulator has become very interesting in the electric vehicle market.
We note that the production of these Lithium-ion batteries is accelerating today on all continents. So far advances have been more pronounced in China, and in the United States, but recently, the number of factory construction projects is increasing sharply in Europe with significant investments.

At present, the development of electric mobility undoubtedly depends on the development of lithium-ion batteries, which must always be more efficient and resistant.
The production of these high-performance lithium-ion batteries requires a high level of quality since its performance will depend heavily on them. Safety and increased longevity will also require excellent quality.

SCANTECH develops optimized measurement systems that allow its customers complete control over their production for this type of application, so measuring the components of these lithium-ion batteries will be adapted.
In other words, solutions specific to cathode anodes are developed as well as separators of lithium-ion batteries.
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