The Importance of Online Measurement



Why we need online measurements and controls?

Cost reduction:

Having an online measuring and control system directly reduces  production costs. The ROI can be as short as 6 months and range typically ranges between 12 and 24 months. This is achieved in different ways depending on the production process, for example:

  1. By getting the material weight or thickness as close as possible to the production lower tolerance.
  2. By reducing the edges that will be trimmed.
  3. By saving

In these cases, the measuring system saves material and increases thein creases output.

Product consistency and quality:

Take plastic films for example. One of the most important factors is  thickness uniformity. Therefore, the selection of the die control system is a critical choice. An efficient and reactive die control system allows for thickness consistency, greatly improves the efficiency of  production, and reduces should eliminate the dependence on manual labor. 

Troubleshooting and checking equipment parts in film line by the gauging system:

In cast film line we can detect the problem between die and Chill Roll. In particular, in the Biax line with cast and film gauges, we can analyze many things about the machine by comparing the profiles from cast and film gauges, such asgauge. For instance: monitoring the air-knife and edge pinning;; monitoring the extrusion trend moving and adjustment result; separate; separating the deviation of filmsfilm to determine if it is from before cast gauge or between two gauges, analyze; analyzing the TDO condition of two sides and the clips condition by edges profiles.